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FPLC Service Support

GE Akta- breakdown/repair & preventative maintenance service visits. UK, Benelux, Deutschland & Italy. GE Akta Kundenbesuche für Wartung und Instandhaltung. Service après vente d'entretien Servizio di manutenzione preventiva. Basic, Explorer, Purifier, Prime, Xpress & now the Avant & Pure.

FPLC Service Support

Laboratory Servicing

We have many years experience servicing FPLC, HPLC, gas chromatographs and mass spectrophotometers.

Laboratory Servicing


Isocratic System with Manual Injector & UV Detector.



Reconfigure the system with the additional modules.

DAD, ELSD, RID detectors, binary, quarternary pumps & autosampler.

We recommend clarity software to control the system.


Free DEMO link.


12 Months onsite warranty.

Our list price - £7750.00 

Please email HA for more information.


Software and delivery not included.